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Annual General Meeting – DCA calls for smaller, family oriented housing project and action on park

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The Delbrook Community Association held our AGM on Thursday, September 28, as promoted through our newsletter and email list.

Tom Walker and Carol Sartor of the North Shore Safety Council lead a discussion about traffic safety.

Assisted by Suzy Lunn, community planner at the DNV, Rene Gourley lead a discussion about the proposals for the Delbrook Lands.

We made the following resolutions:

Be it resolved that the 2017 Annual General Meeting of the Delbrook Community Association endorse the following two principles:

  1. Because a five story building is out of keeping with the community, the building including both services and housing to be located in the south parking lot of the Delbrook Lands should be limited to a total of three stories.
  2. Because the Delbrook area is a family oriented community, at least 50% of housing units in the Delbrook Lands complex should be designed to be occupied by families.

Moved by Keith Reynolds, Seconded by Sharlene Hertz


Be it resolved that the 2017 Annual General Meeting of the Delbrook Community Association endorse the following principle:

  • Because the idea of park space on the Delbrook Lands received the most support of any ideas in community and district wide consultations, the District of North Vancouver should without delay begin a planning process for this park space that would involve consultation with the Delbrook community.

Moved by Diana Belhouse, Seconded by Keith Reynolds


Be it resolved that the DCA Annual General meeting request council in consultation with the DCA to organize and host in the fall 2017 public engagement opportunities for the community to be informed and to discuss and indicate their preference for the following housing models for the south parking lot of the Delbrook Lands:

  1. DCA proposal for first responded family housing based on the Whistler housing model.
  2. Catalyst proposal

Moved by Sharlene Hertz, Seconded by Jim Gill


That the executive of the Delbrook Community Association seek amalgamation with the Norwood Queens Community Association.

Moved by Rene Gourley, Seconded by Jackie

We also re-elected the following to the DCA executive:

  • Rene Gourley (chair)
  • Diana Belhouse (treasurer)
  • Keith Reynolds
  • Keith Colyer
  • Leslie Grundy
  • Jim Gill

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Tuesday’s All Candidates Meeting – Video

Those who were there would have noticed that Corrie Kost was quietly filming the whole thing. I’ve now uploaded all six parts to YouTube so you can relive (most of) the experience. Here are the links:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Thanks once again to Corrie for all your help with filming!

Upcoming Annual General Meeting

To get involved, email

Well that was fast. Back in February, when the Delbrook Community Association reformed thanks to Judy Sankey, Keith Collyer and others’ efforts, we decided that the directors should stand for only three months before a second AGM was held. This time there should be more notice to enable more of our neighbours to attend.

Suddenly three months are well-past, and we must set up this second AGM. The date and details are being confirmed, but we’re hoping to secure space for May 30th. At this time we are seeking anyone who is interested in sitting on the executive of the CA. Do you

  • Recognize that the decisions made by the District, the School Board and the Rec Commission have a far greater impact on your life than any other level of government.
  • Want to maintain or improve your quality of life here in Delbrook
  • Like to understand what is going on around the neighbourhood
  • Have some energy, connections, abilities, interests that might be helpful

If any of these applies to you, then the Delbrook Community Association needs you! So please email and let us know that you’re interested.