Council representation for Delbrook

Another issue raised at the AGM is the concern about the lack of representation by Council for the Delbrook area.  While Councillors represent the whole District, there are no Councillors living in our neighbourhood. Is anyone in the Delbrook area planning to run for District Council in November 2014?  Would we be better represented if we had a Councillor elected who actually lives in our neighbourhood?  Interesting questions.


AGM commits to Community Based Design

The Delbrook Community Association (DCA) will continue to press Mayor and Council for a community based initiative for the design of the Delbrook Recreation site, now slated to be closed in 2016. The decision was made at the DCA’s annual general meeting.  Early planning is key as the neighbourhood determines what the wants and needs are for the site and the community.

On October 15, 2012 DNV Council approved “a public consultation process to explore options for the Delbrook Recreation Centre site.” We congratulated Council on this most welcome decision.

In the hope of working cooperatively with the District, DCA wrote to Mayor and Council on August 20th requesting the DNV commit to equal partnership with the DCA in planning Delbrook’s future. We also requested funds for the DCA to co-manage the public consultation process in partnership with the DNV.  The DCA indicated we were prepared to seek external funders and in-kind support to partner with the DNV in this unique endeavour.  Council did not respond.

We hope to invite all Delbrook residents to engage in a process that accurately reflects the needs / wants of our community.  We aim to create an open, transparent, informative and fun process whereby we can develop a community based design for the Delbrook site.

DCA, working with all residents, aims to launch community dialogue / planning sessions that include these elements:

  • Inform – invite guest speakers on urban design – best practices – how to
  • Engage – Delbrook community provides ideas / needs / wants for the site  through a community based design process
  • Report findings / results to our community and DNV