Wedgewood Ventures Application for Development of Braemar School Lands

Norwood Queens has blogged a good posting on the parcel of land beside Braemar Elementary. Please read it.

It’s not clear to me if the school board is planning to sell the land before or after rezoning. I certainly don’t see why we should subsidize Wedgewood Ventures. Indeed, in general, I don’t think we should be giving up public assembly land.

I would love it if someone from the neighbourhood could get involved with this initiative. Please contact us at if you would like to take it on and need support from the community association.


In March 2014, Wedgewood Ventures submitted a Detailed Application Plan to the District of North Vancouver for the re-zoning and development of the Braemar School land parcel located at 3600 Mahon Avenue. Neighbors wishing additional information on the project can view the application details at
Wedgewood Ventures will be holding a Public Information meeting on Wednesday May 14, from 7:00-9:00 pm at Braemar Elementary School The meeting will be conducted by an independent professional facilitator and attended by a member of the DNV Planning staff. An information package on the proposed development, including a notice of the public information meeting, will be delivered to neighboring residents in advance of the meeting. The public will also be notified of the details of the meeting through newspaper advertising and site signage and directly through Wedgewood’s mailing list.

Please contact Wedgewood Ventures directly if you would like to be added to their…

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Community Gardens at Mountainside/Balmoral?

We’re hearing rumblings about a grass-roots campaign to develop some of the under-utilized playing surfaces at Mountainside Secondary (formerly Balmoral) as a community garden.

While we’re all in favor of food security (see the recent North Shore News article), we question whether this is really the best location for such a project.  All the people in the immediate vicinity have gardens of their own, and so, this would necessarily be a facility for people outside of Delbrook. The nearest bus is a good 15 minute’s walk, and so, most gardeners would bring their car into our neighborhood, likely speeding up Delbrook to get there.

Meanwhile Upper Delbrook and Norwood Queens suffer from a lack of park space.  There is no green space to go for a picnic, toss a frisbee between Mosquito Creek and Lonsdale, except this field, and even that is too distant for people living on, say, Glen Canyon to consider walking.  Today, a child who wants to throw or kick a ball more than the length of their yard has to do it on the street, which is an increasingly dangerous proposition as we add secondary suites and on-street parking to pay for the ridiculous land values on the North Shore.

So, we need more parks, not fewer.  If we must have community gardens in the Delbrook Area, I propose that the site of Delbrook Rec Centre is superior.  It has large flat areas, is close to the Queens transportation corridor, and is within walking distance of the townhouses and small lots along Westview south of Queens.

Unfortunately, while a quick canvasing of the Delbrook Community Association executive yielded general agreement, we are too busy organizing the Delbrook Dialogues to put any energy into redirecting this community garden campaign.  If you’re interested in getting involved, please do contact us.