Monteray School Tentatively Sold

Monteray School has been on our radar for a while. It was tentatively sold to Morningstar Developments late in 2013, and will be redeveloped as single family homes. While we missed the public meeting at Braemar on March 7, 2014, we have contacted a number of neighbours in the vicinity of the school.

Those we have contacted confirmed that they are looking forward to the redevelopment of the site as it has become run down and is used for nefarious purposes. While it surprises us that the neighbours would support the sale of public assembly land that could be made into an asset to the community, we also support their desires. So, the Delbrook Community Association will not be intervening to attempt to slow down this development, provided it is in character with the neighborhood.

If you feel otherwise, please let us know. Fire back in the comments or over email.