Delbrook Dialogue Cancelled

Please note the Dialogue, which was scheduled for Monday evening has been cancelled. I will update the sign this tomorrow.


FireSmart Vegetation Management Program


January 2015 – March 2015

Around Owl Court, Malaspina Park, Skyline Drive

and Fire Hall #3

Community Workshop:

6-8 PM, October 27th

Room B, District Hall, 355 West Queens Rd


The district will be undertaking vegetation management in the above areas to protect against wildfires. Apparently, the area is a virtual monoculture of Dwarf Mistletoe infected Hemlock understory (ladder fuels) which currently presents an elevated risk to wildfire. To mitigate fire risk, crews will be removing and chipping these small diameter conferous trees in the understory, and replacing them with deciduous shrubs.  At the same time, they will also be modifying or removing trees deemed as risky to neighbouring properties.  More information is available on the District Website.

There will also be a community workshop on October 27, 2014 at District Hall, 355 West Queens Road, Room B from 6-8 PM.  RSVP to

Cancelled: Delbrook Dialogue #4: What Happens at Delbrook

Important Update: This Dialogue has been Cancelled

Everything you wanted to know about what happens at Delbrook but were afraid to ask!

Renée Strong
Executive Director, Capilano Community Services Society
Connecting People with Community
Capilano Community Services Society is a registered non-profit society serving the three municipalities on the North Shore. Since 1970, CCSS has responded to the needs for support to both youth and seniors in the community.

Sharon Gregson
Spokeswoman Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC
Sharon speaks out on the impact of public policy on working families and the needs of women and children. She travels the province speaking on child care issues and the $10/day Plan as the solution to the child care crisis in BC. Be informed about current community services at the Delbrook site; there are an amazing number of residents served. What other needs do we have as a community? What types of services will our community need in the future? How can we address these issues? What programs would enhance our quality of life? Let’s learn and discuss together!