Time to support action on the Delbrook speedway


At Monday’s District of North Vancouver Council meeting, councillors have the chance to do something about dangerous levels of speeding on Delbrook Road. However, they need to be encouraged not to defer plans to take action on the problem.

Last year the Delbrook Community Association visited all houses on Delbrook Road to ask for help in a petition to request traffic calming on the road.

The situation is such that on a weekday according to traffic data there are 800 cars speeding at over 65 kilometres an hour. There are even more on the weekend. We have recorded speeds of 80 during evenings and once we tracked a car at 101. The R.C.M.P issued 26 speeding tickets in the entire year. They are under resourced.

Over 95% of residents contacted agreed that we needed some form of traffic calming. The response was overwhelming. Response from Council to this point has been luke warm. However it seems that there is a possible solution.

On Monday February 27th at District Hall Councillor Back is proposing;

“That Council direct staff to report back on engineering and road design options for enhanced safety along the Delbrook Road corridor in an effort to slow traffic and make the corridor safer for all users”.

This is the opportunity to get yourself heard at Council. You are welcome to attend and speak at the 7.00 meeting on the 27th of February. You can also e mail your thoughts at council@dnv.org 

This is an opportunity that might bring back a calmer and safer road.


Fewer than one in four North Van voters turned out for the election. CBC looks at what might make it better

Cities that have ward systems tend to have better voter turnout. And while this is not discussed, a transferable vote might be more democratic. In some cities Mayors take office with less than 30 per cent support.

Read more here:


What’s happening with the Delbrook lands?

The Delbrook Community Association has received some feedback from the District on what is happening with the Delbrook lands. As people can see by the tarping off of the north site, work has begun. The following are answers to our questions so far.

1.       Is there a recycling plan for any of the materials?

o    Yes – Materials will be sorted on-site with recyclables diverted from landfill.

2.       May we see the traffic management plan?

o    The Traffic Management Plan is still being reviewed by DNV staff. Once the permit is issued, we can provide a drawing that shows the general plan.

3.       What will be in place to prevent contamination of the creek?

o    Silt fencing and tree protection will be provided by the contractor. This will be inspected by DNV Environment staff before a permit is issued and work proceeds.

4.       Will the creek be fenced also to keep people away from that side of the site also?

o    Fencing will be installed to protect the backside of the building. Access to the creek will not be impacted.

5.       Does demolition include excavating and filling the foundation?

o    Footings and foundations of the main building will be removed. The scope requires that the site be left in a safe condition that will be graded to an even surface which will not accumulate rainwater and does not cause trip hazards.

6.       Could you please look into a temporary four-way stop at Stanley and Windsor? We find that when cars are parked on W Windsor for filming, the visibility turning onto Windsor is limited and the intersection gets dangerous.

o    I’ve reviewed with Transportation and the low traffic volume on these streets does not meet the threshold for a four-way stop. Filming operations are not anticipated while this project is underway so we will monitor once work begins and make adjustments if issues arise.


Minutes of the AGM

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting may be viewed here:


The new executive consists of

chairRene Gourley
secretaryMichael Wrinch
treasurerDiana Belhouse
communicationsKeith Reynolds
trafficBev Parslow
members at largeBill Lloyd-Jones, Leslie Grundy

Thanks to all who attended, and to those who have joined or continued with the executive.

Annual General Meeting

Please join us as an engaged member of the Delbrook Community Association (DCA).   

We’re looking specifically for 

  • Newsletter editor
  • Fair coordinator
  • Membership coordinator
  • Fundraiser
  • Community leads (eg Traffic, Local politics, Parks, Neighborhood aesthetics, Safety, Development, Delbrook Lands)

We are a group of passionate neighbours and friends  making our community more connected and neighbourly since the 1960s! 

Some recent achievements include

  • Neighbourhood cleanup
  • Traffic calming measures
  • Community garage sales
  • Improved signage for cyclists on Mosquito Creek
  • Removed unsafe bridge over Mission Creek
  • Limited height of development on Delbrook Lands
  • Park zoning for Delbrook Lands
  • Hosted all candidates meetings for municipal elections

We also communicate on our blog, newsletters, at District Council Meetings and in local community papers (and always looking for great writers!)  

Our Annual General Meeting will take place via Zoom on February 25th at 7:30 PM. All members will receive the full agenda and Zoom link 24 hours before the meeting. To become a member, please see instructions on the Membership Page.

Presently, the agenda includes the following:

  • A resolution to lobby the District to make 40 km/h the speed limit throughout the municipality and to redesign streets in line with the lower speed limit.
  • Elections for executive of 2021

Background on the Delbrook Lands Announcement in November 2020

On November 19, 2020, The District of North Vancouver issued a press release announcing that an agreement had been reached with the Hollyburn Family Services Society to create an affordable rental housing project on the site of the Delbrook Lands (600 Queens Road).

This announcement did not arise from the previous Regular Council meeting on November 16, however, there were two closed special meetings on November 16 and 17 where the project may have been discussed. As a result, we know very little about what this project will look like.

The press release contained no details on the scope of the project noting only that it was to be “a mix of low to moderate income rental housing.”

The release said, “District of North Vancouver Council voted on November 18, 2019 to approve rezoning of the southern portion of the site for residential uses,” so it is apparent that this announcement was based on the November 2019 zoning decision.

On the same day as the press release, The North Shore News carried an article reporting that there would be 86 units rental housing on the site and that Hollyburn had been chosen as a partner after putting out a request for proposals to the non-profit sector last year. The article continued, “Under BC Housing’s funding formula for new multi-family apartments, 20 per cent of the suites will be offered at shelter rates. Half of the units are capped at no more than 30 per cent of the gross income for households earning between $51,000 and $90,500 depending on the number of bedrooms. The remaining units will be offered at below-market rates for households with incomes in the $71,200 and $104,440 range”.  

This project will be much more affordable than the original catalyst proposal which had proposed units 20 per cent below market rates. With 20 per cent of units at shelter rates, and another 30 per cent meeting the CMHC definition of “affordable” housing, the units will be more affordable than the original proposal rejected by Council in 2018.  

The procurement process has also changed substantially. In the previously rejected project, Catalyst Developments had proposed a project which only then went to the zoning amendment. Mayor Little told the North Shore News that with this agreement, it is a much better system for municipalities to rezone first and find partners later, a process council will follow for other affordable housing proposals on district land going forward.

What is unclear is how the issues raised by the community during the last consultation process will be dealt with.

There is no indication of what the “mass” or height of the building will be. Neighbours had previously raised issues with a five or six storey building being substantially larger than anything in the neighbourhood. In fact, the building could have been even taller since it was built on top of ground level parking. While the original proposal anticipated 82 units, the new proposal anticipates 86 units.

With the original proposal there was an emphasis on bachelor and one-bedroom units. Some neighbours suggested family units would be more appropriate in this neighbourhood with its many schools and services for childe=ren and young people. Information released so far does not deal with this question.

Parking was also raised as an issue in the original proposal with neighbours concerned limited parking would push dozens of cars onto neighbouring streets and raise the issue of permit parking.

None of these issues were addressed in the press release or comments to the media.

Since an agreement has already been signed based on previous zoning decisions it seems unlikely the District wants or will accept much in the way of input.

See: https://www.nsnews.com/news/district-of-north-van-ok-s-affordable-housing-partner-for-delbrook-1.24242468

DCA crew cleans up area around Delbrook Playing fields

Almost a dozen members of the Delbrook Community Association came out Saturday November 7th to enjoy each others’ company, the beautiful fall day and to help pick up garbage around the playing fields in Delbrook Park .  We were surprised to collect 1 1/2 large garbage bags of litter, including used fireworks.

Litter attracts litter, and so it is important that it never gets a start in our neighbourhood.

What to do this Weekend?

Want a fun COVID-friendly family event to get this weekend off to a great start? Why not join the Delbrook Community Association garbage pickup?

10:30 Saturday, November 7th
North-East Corner of Delbrook Park
(at the first crosswalk of Delbrook)

The District of North Vancouver will provide garbage bags and some other supplies. Come on out, meet your neighbours and help keep our neighbourhood clean and tidy.

5 more things to do in the time of Covid (including one April 5!)

More things to do in the time of Covid

The North Van Districts Public Library doors may be closed but they are still open to giving you lot of useful stuff. NVDPL From Home Get your hands on library content from the comfort of your own home! The Library has many digital services available to you for free, such as e-books, e-magazines, and e-audiobooks, or streaming films. Visit https://nvdpl.ca/nvdpl-home for more details

Need help growing the perfect peppers for your victory garden? Would you like to grow some vegetables or fruit at home, but don’t know where to start? The Lynn Canyon @ecologycentre

is running virtual garden workshops online on Saturdays from 10am-10:30 am! Join the first workshop this Saturday, April 4 http://ow.ly/VWTz50z4HoJ

And speaking of closed doors and gardens, the doors at Garden Works may be closed but they are still happy to take your orders for pick up or delivery. https://www.gardenworks.ca/ They even have Wasabi!

Ash Amlani has started a useful list of local businesses that are open and that we can support. The best part? You can add to the list to let people know what’s open! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/110EIZqlmoMxPJJycwRSsh_ohBzODHXCKGvPVKePuBk4/edit#gid=0

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