Protect your neighbourhood and save Evergreen Park Watershed area!

A good post from Norwood Queens about more activity in Calder Forest.


Protect Evergreen Park Watershed ” group is actively working to preserve our neighbourhood – please read – it’s our shared responsibility to be aware of what’s happening in our neighbourhood and understand how we can make a difference together!  See ACTION STEPS BELOW!!

Save Braemar & Stop the Sale of Public Assembly Land

Reduce Traffic Congestion that Endangers Children

Stop Development in the Evergreen Park Watershed that can cause erosion, sinkholes, flooding and landslides.

We have extended our territory to now include the greater community of the Evergreen Park Watershed area.

We do not think it is wise to be buildling in this watershed and removing trees that can cause landslides and erosion.

Braemar School had a sink hole last year that poured mud down the hill taking out trees and running on to Everglade.


  1. SIGN THE PETITION: – District of North Vancouver  Mayor and Council  Save…

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Overhanging Trees

Keith Colyer reports that he has found the District to be remarkably responsive when he has called regarding trees that overhang the roadway. If you have noticed a problem tree overhanging the roadway or sidewalk, you might try talking to the owner. Failing that, you can call the district at 1-604-990-2311, and ask to have the tree trimmed.