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New DNV composting plan draws 1000+ complaints

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With the District of North Vancouver’s new composting system rolled out to only two of five areas in the District, more than 1,000 people have already complained.

With the new system residents have received a 240 litre cart to hold their weekly composting. However, they are limited to this cart and can no longer put out the six Kraft paper composting bags or use traditional garbage cans to hold green waste.

The process began in January when the carts were delivered to Zone 1 – Capilano. The carts have subsequently been delivered to one zone east of Capilano, Zone 2.

Residents were advised to store up their green waste and put it out week-after-week. In response to complaints residents were offered a second cart for free and the option of buying more carts.

Next week’s Council meeting will debate a report from Councilor Bassam calling for the organic waste policy to be rescinded and the limit on green waste to be removed.

The report notes comments from District residents that they ave no desire to store extra carts and reject the notion of paying for what had previously been a free service.

With 1,000 complaints from only 40% of the District, it is likely the number of complaints would rise as the system is rolled out to the rest of the community and we face the piles of autumn leaves and garden waste.

The report to be debated is found below.

garbage sept

garbage sept 2

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Hey Delbrook zone 2 – reasons not to take away your green waste (or your garbage)

People in Zone one of the DNV have had their new garbage and green waste carts for a while now. This of us in zone two get them this week. And we will soon be the recipients of the little green tags telling us why they are not taking away our garbage or green waste.

The following pic is from a bag or green waste I ran into in zone one today.

green waste