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what do north shore community associations want? the Global Canadian asks

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The Global Canadian, the North Shore’s new newspaper, has focused its second issue of 2018 on what community associations on the North Shore are looking for in 2018. There are a lot of common issues among the City and District of North Vancouver and the District of West Vancouver.

The current issue of the Global Canadian will soon be online and you will be able to find it here:


globalCommunity associations from all three North Shore local governments shared many common issues including traffic, housing, development and the need for Councils to listen..

Housing was a major issue. Rene Gourley from the DNV’s Delbrook Community Association raised issues about a proposed housing complex on the Delbrook lands calling for an increased proportion of family oriented housing rather than studio apartments.

West Vancouver’s Western Residents Association talked about quality of life issues including affordable housing and traffic. City respondent Fred Dawkins spoke to the issue of the “massive condo building boom,” while DNV resident Corrie Kost said the residential building boom had meant much more development than was anticipated in the Official Community Plan. The City’s Grand Boulevard Ridgeway Residents Association talked about the loss of older, more affordable rental housing and the fact the City was already growing faster than anticipated in the Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy. The Pemberton Heights community spoke to the issue of overwhelming densification along Marine Drive.

A number of groups linked rapid growth to the transit troubles. The Norgate Community Association raised concerns about traffic detouring through their community to avoid the gridlock on Marine Drive. The Pemberton Heights community also talked about cars racing through their neighbourhood while the City’s Grand Boulevard Ridgeway Residents Association talked about gridlock on East Keith Road and Grand Boulevard.  The DNV’s Delbrook Community Association called for a moratorium on major developments in the District to give the DNV time to look at traffic issues.

One other common issue was the need for Councils to listen more to their communities. The City’s Fred Dawkins called for greater transparency and the encouragement of public input.  The latter call was echoed by the City’s Amanda Nichol. The Delbrook Community Association asked the District to pay more attention to community associations and to answer our correspondence. The Dunderave Ratepayers Association called for public input to be encouraged and for all relevant information to be made available. The DNV’s Pemberton Heights said, “When you ask for our opinion – LISTEN!”

The Global Canadian has played a valuable role in giving space to community associations to share their views.

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