Annual General Meeting Confirmed

May 30, 7-9 PM
District Hall

We’ve confirmed that the Annual General Meeting will occur at the District Hall on May 30, starting at 7 PM.

The agenda is still in development, but look for reports on Balmoral and William Griffin. Also, a new slate of directors will be elected, and we will vote on membership fees.


Upcoming Annual General Meeting

To get involved, email

Well that was fast. Back in February, when the Delbrook Community Association reformed thanks to Judy Sankey, Keith Collyer and others’ efforts, we decided that the directors should stand for only three months before a second AGM was held. This time there should be more notice to enable more of our neighbours to attend.

Suddenly three months are well-past, and we must set up this second AGM. The date and details are being confirmed, but we’re hoping to secure space for May 30th. At this time we are seeking anyone who is interested in sitting on the executive of the CA. Do you

  • Recognize that the decisions made by the District, the School Board and the Rec Commission have a far greater impact on your life than any other level of government.
  • Want to maintain or improve your quality of life here in Delbrook
  • Like to understand what is going on around the neighbourhood
  • Have some energy, connections, abilities, interests that might be helpful

If any of these applies to you, then the Delbrook Community Association needs you! So please email and let us know that you’re interested.

Show your Support for the District’s New Bylaw

Come to the District Council Meeting

7:00 p.m. Monday, May 7, 2012
Council Chamber, Municipal Hall, 355 West Queens Road, North Vancouver

Contact the Council or the Mayor

Contact Details

The agenda for next week’s District Council meeting has just come out and carries with it a resolution that would result in a new bylaw. This bylaw would ensure that any change in use of school lands that may increase traffic in the neighbouring streets must mitigate the traffic and parking impacts, and that they must engage the public appropriately on any change in permitted use.

This resolution, if passed, would make it more difficult for the school board to sneak in programs that negatively impact the neighbouring community, such as the adult education program that was proposed for Balmoral. While there are some aspects of the resolution that want clarifying, such a bylaw would be a positive change for our neighbourhood. Please support it by either coming to the district meeting (where there is an opportunity to address council) or contacting council directly.

While you’re putting things in your calendar, you should also note the next School District meeting is on May 22nd at Sutherland Secondary School. We’ll publish more once we see the agenda.

School District Recommendations for Balmoral

The School District has now published the agenda package for the public meeting on April 24th at Sutherland, 7PM. They are recommending a motion to accept the following recommendations (paraphrased):

  • The Community Learning Program should establish communications with the community.
  • Storage and distribtution (District Services) of instructional resources for all schools and students should be moved to Balmoral.
  • Adult English Second Language Program should not move to Balmoral.
  • Classroom space at Balmoral will be reserved for future community or School District needs.
  • The North Vancouver Recreation Commission, needs to identify the needs and interests of the community before there should be further consideration of Rec Commission use of the gym and multi-purpose room.
  • The renovation project should include at least 65 on-site parking spaces
  • The Board of Education should continue to work with the District of North Vancouver regarding traffic and parking concerns.

The trustees are scheduled to vote on these recommendations at 8:45, although it will probably not happen exactly on time. Within these recommendations, there is much to celebrate. In particular, there appears to be adequate parking planned for the CLP, and the Adult ESL will not be turning our neighborhood into a parking lot. On the other hand, it is unclear from the recommendation what is to happen to the distance learning program, which carries with it a further traffic and parking conundrum. So your continued input is still valued.

Come out tomorrow and have your voice heard.

Upcoming Meetings Regarding our Schools

Schools are vital to our community. Without schools, we will have no families in our neighborhood. Without families, and the interactions through kids’ activities, one of the primary catalysts for meeting people falls away. When you know nobody in your community, there is no community. Then we see tumbling services, lower home values, the end of life as we know it.

So, even if you have no children of school age, you should be very interested in what happens in the North Vancouver School District. In particular, you should be very interested when the NVSD tries to make a case that they should sell off their properties.

Selling off school land is akin to a farmer selling off acreage to buy seeds for next year. Only a farmer in terminal decline would do this, and only a community in terminal decline should sell of their schools.

I don’t believe that North Vancouver is in terminal decline, and that’s why we need to fight the school district’s inclination to take the easiest path to balancing their books.

On Wednesday the 25th, at Ridgeway Public School from 4 ’til 8PM, the school district will be presenting its plans for dealing with the following “excess property:” Blueridge, Cloverley, Fromme, Keith Lynn, Lonsdale Creek Annex, Lucas Centre/Leo Marshall Curriculum Centre, Maplewood, Monteray, Plymouth, Ridgeway and Westover. While none of these impacts Delbrook directly, if you value your quality of life on the North Shore, you will come out and support our schools.

That is, of course, the day after the School District trustees vote on the money for renovations to Balmoral. That meeting is at 7 PM on Tuesday, April 24th, at Sutherland School Theatre. I see the agenda is not on the NVSD website yet.

Federation of North Vancouver Community Associations Meeting Tonight

The Federation of North Vancouver Community Associations met again this evening. Sadly more than three quarters of the agenda was taken up with procedural navel gazing caused by a community representative who wasn’t even there! So, there is not much to write about that would interest anyone.

  • Polygon will be holding an open house regarding their Lower Lonsdale developments tomorrow (April 19) at the Seymour Golf and Country Club. Sadly, it’s not on the Polygon website, and so, I’m not able to give any further information.
  • Corrie Kost points out that you can estimate your current power consumption using the new smart meters by counting the number of pulses in 36 seconds and dividing by 10. The result is the current consumption in kilowatts. For example, 50 pulses in 36 seconds means you’re consuming 5 kilowatts.
  • A recent presentation about solid waste by the District foretold a coming ban on all bear attractants. Given that fruit trees and barbecues are well-known bear attractants, does that mean the District will be banning all fruit trees and barbeques? Let’s ban bears instead.
  • Community policing is definitely on the back burner. All branches in North Vancouver have apparently closed
  • East Seymour CA reports that North Vancouver Local Area Plans are no longer in force since the adoption of the Official Community Plan. However, while the detailed plans within the OCP are being sorted out, they will continue to refer to the local plans to inform detailed decisions. Having said that, various community associations have indicated that council is not listening to the recommendations of Local Area Plan review committees anyway.
  • The Natural Hazards Policy no longer requires fire preventive roofs within 100 m of random clumps of trees, only near forest boundary
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