DNV responds to Delbrook traffic concerns. Changes “considered” and dependent on “capital funding”

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The District of North Vancouver has responded to a November 15, 2017 letter from the Delbrook Comuity Association (DCA) raising concerns about traffic safety on Delbrook Avenue and adjacent streets.

The DCA letter raised five concerns touching on speeding on Delbrook, lack of signage, lack of speeding enforcement and the dangerous pedestrian crosswalk at Windsor and Delbrook. The DCA had also raised these concerns in 2016.

In its December 21, 2017 response the District’s traffic section said “the District is looking into installing speed limit signage to remind drivers of the posted speed limit.” The District is also “requesting that periodic speed enforcement on Delbrook Avenue be considered by the RCMP.”

With respect to the Windsor pedestrian crossing, The District is planning on upgrading some of the pedestrian crosswalks with Rapid Rectangular Flashing Beacons (RRFBs), subject to annual capital funding in 2018. The crosswalk at Delbrook Avenue and Windsor Road has been identified as one of the locations to be upgraded.”

While the contents of the letter are encouraging, they are still far from a solid commitment to improvements. “Looking into” things, a “request” that might be considered and changes “subject to annual capital funding”  leave a lot of wiggle room.

Delbrook residents have also been raising more traffic concerns. On November 16th, the day after the DCA letter was sent, a pedestrian was struck and seriously injured at the marked Delbrook and Evergreen crosswalk. Police report the driver said, “he did not see the pedestrian because of heavy rainfall and poor visibility.” The Evergreen crossing is a particular concern because of the number of children who use it to get to school.

Residents have also raised concerns about traffic on Windsor Road. One resident has already been struck by a car on the Road which is often used as a shortcut at speed by people avoiding Queens Road. As well, the jam of regular parking by movie shoots has made crossing Windsor at Stanley and St. James or turns at the intersection dangerous as parked cars from the movie industry using the old Delbrook Rec Centre site make seeing oncoming traffic difficult.

Have you got other concerns about traffic in the Delbrook community? Please share these concerns here or on the DCA’s Facebook or Twitter sites.

You can find the earlier DCA post on Delbrook traffic here:


You can find the police report on the accident on Evergreen here:


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