Delbrook project needs to consider environmental issues

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The following is a really interesting presentation on environmental issues touching on the Delbrook site from long time Delbrook resident Keegan Casidy

Keegan tried to post this as a comment on an earlier blog post, but due to the mysteries of technology, it didn’t work. Perhaps its just as well. This deserves a posting on its own.



I was at the council meeting yesterday evening, and I am following up to gather more insight with regards to this post’s comment that “most of the land is to be retained as green space.” In particular, what exactly will be done to protect one of the last wild stock Coho & Steelhead streams left on the North Shore, Mission Creek (aka Thain Creek)?

There was little to no mention with what was going to be done with “most” of this land, being that it is proposed to be “Green Space.”

Furthermore, I find it troubling that following a review of the preliminary report, the only mention of Mission Creek was the following:

“Environmental Impact:

Mission Creek riparian area will be protected and enhanced.”

In my volunteer works with the Federal Government’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans, the Squamish Nation, BCIT River’s Institute and other parties – It is extremely important to consider the ecological, economical, and human health values of this creek.

There is a massive opportunity to engage children and give them the opportunity to witness in their back yard one of nature’s most impressive feats, the returning spawning salmon. Something many of us probably took for granted growing up in such a beautiful area that has seen many changes over the decades.

Mission creek.jpg

The District has recognized this creek’s value on occasion, with the $1.4M removal of the culvert under Westview drive in 1999, and again most recently with the replacement of the culvert on Windsor Road.

With such significant investments in the past I would hope to see that the right steps are taken to improve what is literally one of the last pieces of “Green Space” left on this creek.

Additionally, I would like to invite you all to the website I have created to read and see the true value of Mission Creek and it’s importance to not only the Delbrook residents, but to all of the residents on the North Shore.


Keegan Casidy

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