Preliminary report on Delbrook Lands calls for 5 floor complex – first floor services with 80-88 apartments above

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District of North Vancouver Staff comes back to Council Monday night (July 24) with a preliminary proposal for up to 88 units of housing in a five-storey complex on the Queens Road side of the Delbrook lands.

In a meeting on Friday, DCA executive members were informed that it was anticipated that there would be 45,000 square feet of rentable space available for the 80-88 units of apartments. This would come to an average of between 510 and 555 square feet per unit. However, staff said decisions had not been made on how many of the units would be larger two to four bedroom units for families. This would decrease the size of the remaining units. Council will make the decision on the mix of housing to be delivered on the site for low and moderate income people and for people with other needs.

The preliminary report anticipates a five-floor complex co-locating child care, adult day care and respite care on the main floor with four floors of non-profit housing above and parking underground.

This is the latest development in the process that led to the construction of the new Delbrook Rec. Centre replacing the former Griffin Recreation Centre complex. The process involved an unusually intense consultation that invited all residents of the District to participate. The consultation ended with a day long meeting with members of the public calling for the property to be used for parks and open space, community services and for non-market housing if it could be done without expense to the District.

In January Council directed staff to “begin discussions with non-profit housing providers and non-profit community service providers to explore options for the site and to develop a concept plan, cost estimates, and a funding strategy.”

The report says “The co-location of the two projects on the south parking lot allows the other tenants (Capilano Community Services and Little Rascals Child Care) on the Delbrook Lands to remain in place to the end of their leases.

The report says that local and District-wide residents are continuing to be engaged and will have further opportunity to comment on the proposed non-market housing and community service project through the OCP amendment and rezoning process. However, the DCA and Delbrook residents were not contacted for input into this preliminary report.

So far, the only involvement from the Delbrook Community Association has been creating and delivering an unsolicited proposal to Council in June which is not mentioned in this report. The DCA proposal had recommended using the land to provide non-profit housing for first responders (fire, ambulance and police) who work in and serve the District. The DCA proposal can be found here:

Staff say they will engage with the community association and the wider public on the preferred concept for the site, and will present this information to Council in 2018, including cost estimates and a funding strategy. Work on the site is expected to commence no later than 2019.

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