Community Association calls for more broadly based review of District of North Vancouver OCP

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The District of North Vancouver is in the process of reviewing its Official Community Plan. In the following letter to Council, the Delbrook Community Association calls for a more broadly based community consultation on this important issue.

Mayor Richard Walton and Council

355 W Queens Rd,


Dear Mayor and Council

I am writing on behalf of the Delbrook Community Association to offer our input on the review of the Official Community Plan that is currently taking place.

We encourage the District as part of the review to include the following:

  1. A formal community satisfaction survey to be conducted by a reputable polling firm. This survey would specifically focus on elements of the OCP to determine levels of community satisfaction with its implementation. The results of such a survey would help guide the District in OCP implementation in coming years.
  2. The distribution of a mailed card to all DNV residents inviting them to participate in a separate online survey. This would provide a valuable addition of information to the formal poll.
  3. The development of measurable goals to help us set benchmarks for further reviews in the future.
  4. Ensuring that the review of the OCP is broadly representative of the whole community and not largely focused on new Town Centres

We recognize the cost involved in such an exercise but believe it would be well worth it. While the District has not conducted a Community Satisfaction Survey in recent years it is a common practice in other local governments. To name a few, such surveys have been conducted in the Cowichan Valley, Maple Ridge, Oak Bay, Coquitlam, West Vancouver and Elkford. They are also common in municipalities in other provinces.

Such an exercise would be in keeping with the commitment to public involvement shown by the District in the discussion of future use of the Delbrook lands While the Delbrook lands are important, surely our OCP is equally important.

Thank you for this opportunity to present our views.

Yours Sincerely,

Rene Gourley, Chair

Delbrook Community Association

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