DNV council debates transit issues

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An article carried in both the North Shore News and Business in Vancouver reports on Discussions at the District of North Vancouver on the north shore’s growing transit issues.


The article says in part:

Staff’s suggestions included a protected bicycle network, updating the district’s parking policies, a focus on the Main/Marine transit corridor, better co-ordination of traffic signals and whether the district ought to become a vision zero community – a growing movement among cities vowing to design their streets in such a way that there are zero traffic-related deaths or injuries.

But the informal session quickly turned to an airing of grievances as the morning commute of many councillors had been particularly exasperating with near-simultaneous crashes on the Cut, Stanley Park causeway and Westview overpass.

The discussion at Council showed a wide range of opinions among councilors on how to deal with gridlock on the roads.

Councilor Hanson said he did not find the same level of urgency in the Council that he found in the public. Councilor Bond said if people made small changes in their practices would buy time to make transportation investments. Councilor Muri said the answer was fewer people moving to the North Shore with Councilor Hicks responding, We’ve got to learn to live with the population.”

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