DNV traffic study looks at possible 300 housing units in “multiple 6-story buildings” as option for Delbrook lands site

At 5:00 pm Tuesday October 18th the District of North Vancouver Council will be holding a workshop to review the District’s Annual Transportation Plan. There is much of interest in the report to Council which can be found here:


Of particular interest to Delbrook Community residents is reference in the report to a Delbrook Lands Transportation Study, commissioned by Council in March and completed in June. The transportation update states that the study was completed “As part of the discussion surrounding the future uses for the Delbrook Lands” and “The findings were used to inform the discussion at the Delbrook Lands Deliberative Dialogue session on June 18, 2016.”

The Delbrook traffic study can be found here:


The study looks at the traffic impacts of four options for the site. Three options look at parkland, community facilities, a possible 28 town houses or a combination of the three. The fourth option presented is 300 apartment units in multiple six story buildings.


The traffic study looked at vehicle and pedestrian traffic at the four intersections surrounding the property and concluded, “As shown, queues and delays at the study area intersections are expected to be reduced compared to existing conditions as the four land use scenarios generate less peak hour traffic compared to the existing site.” This despite the fact 300 units of housing are reported as requiring somewhere between 390 and 546 parking units.

Also, as the report acknowledges with respect to its traffic study, “Data for the West Windsor Road at Stanley Avenue and Delbrook Avenue at West Windsor Road intersections were collected during spring break in March, 2016.” Presumably, both foot and pedestrian traffic would have been reduced in rush hours when schools were out.

[Edit: An earlier version of this post indicated that the report was withheld from participants of the June 18th meeting. It turns out the report was indeed posted on the Delbrook Lands page under the “Related Policies” section, and we did not see it at that time]

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